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Unique, hand-crafted jewellery designed by using daring solutions that suit your personality. For those who wish to stand out and create their own mood-based style

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VVitreous enamel is the principal material I work with when crafting my pieces because it enriches the metal components and adds a magical sparkle much like coloured glass. There are many different enamelling methods and techniques, but cloisonne enamel is a particular favourite of mine. Many intricate patterns or even drawings can be made by using metal partitions to form cloisons, providing me with unlimited creative possibilities.


The filigree technique is also important in my work, and it requires great meticulousness and precision. Filigree metalwork looks much like lace, adding a lightness, femininity and delicacy to the mass of metal jewellery. In addition to this, I craft belts, bracelets and handbags out of natural leather... And I also use semi-precious stones in my jewellery. The entire process of producing an item – from initial sketches to the final result – is in my hands, which means that every piece I make is completely unique.


About me



It is a well-known fact that nature is the best artist of them all, which is why this is exactly where I seek inspiration for my own ideas. The variety of colours, shapes and textures it has to offer spurs me on to create my own designs. With these designs, I try to portray stylised natural forms by using various materials and techniques. Progress is very important to me, so I do not like to repeat myself and I continue to look for new ideas and take the winds of fashion into account.

I believe that every one of my hand-crafted pieces is exceptional because it reflects the spirit of nature and the land. And the purpose of my work is to achieve uniqueness and variety through long-term experience and mastery.



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